Force Options: How to Defend Yourself Without a Weapon

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“Sometimes you have to fight and you don’t have, or cannot get to, a gun. You can’t call ‘timeout’ until you get a better weapon.” said Paul Markel, host of the new Force Options online training series. “You might have to fight using nothing but your hands and feet. That’s what the new online training course is all about.” He continued.

Force Options: How to Defend Yourself Without a Weapon” is the newest mobile-friendly educational series offered on the Student of the Gun Online Training platform. Enrolling in this Student of the Gun Online Training course is easy.

“There are far too many charlatans in the self-defense training industry, our goal is to give you information that you can HELP YOU in the fight for your life!” said Jarrad Markel, COO at Student of the Gun.

“Dad and I were in the truck driving when we heard the commercial that ignited the passion to deliver a real, no bullcrap training program that will actually serve you in the most important moment of your life; when you’re fighting for it.” he continued.

This mobile-friendly Home Study training course is the result of decades of professional experience not only in self-defense training, but in instructional tactics as well.

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