Private All-Inclusive High Elevation Precision Rifle Course

August 2-4, 2024 in Encampment, Wyoming

You bring your gear and we provide everything else.

Hit targets at 1,000 yards… even if you have never shot a gun before!

Enrollments close on

August 2-4, 2024


We know 1,000+ yard ranges are rare.

That's why we invite you to this training class. 

How often do you have the opportunity to truly test the capabilities of your favorite rifle?

Additionally, when is the last time you were able to truly test and evaluate your skill and ability with a rifle at distance?

For a good rifle, one or two hundred yard shots are just warming up.

What kind of long distance accuracy can you legitimately get from the combination of your rifle, ammo, optic, and your skills? 

High Elevation Precision Rifle is a unique opportunity to push your rifle and your skills farther than you have ever been able to before. Most 1,000 plus yard ranges are either reserved for "members only" or are found on elite military ranges.

During this intense, 2-Day course you will have the opportunity to use your rifle in a way that only a small percentage of rifle owners ever will.

You will be challenged and come away with skills that you may never have thought possible.

High Elevation Precision Rifle

High Elevation Precision Rifle is a full immersion training program. You will be on site for the entire course, staying in a classic mountain lodge and being fed by our in-house Celebrity Chef.

The course will begin with an intense focus on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, moving on to various shooting positions. Targets will be engaged from 100 yards out to 1000 yards if your rifle/optic/ammunition combination is capable of such distance.

In addition to "Known Distance" targets, you will be challenged with unknown distance targets and unconventional shooting positions.

Seats are limited to 10 per class. Secure yours today!

Here is What You Will Get

When you sign up for High Elevation Precision Rifle you'll get a confirmation with more specific details about the location, times, what you need to bring, etc.  Reserving your seat will guarantee you have a spot in the class, a comfortable bed, and hot meals for the weekend. Upon graduating, you will be presented with the coveted Student of the Gun certificate for High Elevation Precision Rifle.

A Full 2-Day Live Training Class

America is a nation founded by riflemen. High Elevation Precision Rifle is a course designed to rekindle the Spirit of the Rifleman and to provide the instruction and training necessary to enable you to realize your full potential with a rifle.

Stay in a Bonafide Mountain Lodge

The Hanging Bull is a classic, western mountain lodge located on the Silver Spur Ranch in Wyoming's beautiful Platte Valley. The scenery and fresh mountain air is worth the trip. You'll love it.

Meals Prepared by a Celebrity Chef

Our Celebrity Chef will prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As with lodging, all meals are included with the cost of the training package. Arrive with a healthy appetite and come ready to eat delicious country cooking.

Camaraderie with LMIs

One of the greatest benefits of leaving behind the comfort of home is the fact that you can meet and train along side Like-Minded Individuals (LMIs). In our modern world it is easy to feel like you are alone. Peer affirmation and support is not a benefit to be overlooked.

Class Information

Date: August 2-4, 2024

Location: Encampment, Wyoming. The specific location of the bonafide mountain lodge you will be staying in is sent to you when you reserve your seat.

Lodging: Included
The mountain lodge is reserved for students only. If you would like to bring your family and they will not be participating in class, we recommend booking a room for them at The Copper Line Lodge by calling Dan Pont at 402-885-5611. If you're coming in early or staying a day or two later, call Dan a reserve a room at The Copper Line Lodge.

Meals: Included
Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

Student Requirements

  • Open mind, Pen for note taking
  • Any centerfire rifle in good working order. (* We do not allow .50 BMG on our steel targets).
  • Magnified Optic (shooter’s choice) External elevation and windage adjustment knobs are beneficial but not required
  • Sling: thick nylon or leather
  • 300 rounds of ammunition (one bullet weight/style, please do not mix ammunition).
  • Range mat (foam sleeping mat from camping store will work just fine)
  • Ear Protection (Muffs and plugs), Safety Glasses, Ball cap/hat
  • Water bottle / Sunscreen / Lip balm (7000 ft will dry out your skin)
  • Loose-fitting/Comfortable Clothing
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are not required but suggested
  • Quality boots/footwear (bring 2 pair)
  • Foul Weather Gear for Cold and Rain (we train rain or shine): Rain suit or poncho, fleece layers, gloves, wool or fleece hat.
  • Range bag or Pack to carry gear to rifle range.
  • Silencers / Suppressors are welcome in Wyoming and make for a better training environment.
  • Small / Medium-sized binoculars/field glasses are recommended but not necessary. (*Leave the large/heavy spotting scopes at home. You will need to carry everything with you on the range)

For More Info, Click to Expand Each Topic

Rifle and Ammunition

Glass (Riflescope)

Range Gear


Here’s what people are saying about the training

We can say great things about our training all day long but it will mean more for you to see what your peers have to say about High Elevation Precision Rifle.

Tim Hamp

Verified Graduate

Dream Realized

I was so pleased to be able to have the opportunity to take this class. I was able to be with like minded individuals, from different walks of life and areas of the country, in a most beautiful region of the country.

The instruction included the basics to the advanced specifics. Professor Paul presented each important bit of instruction clearly and in such a wonderful understandable way. Proper body position, correct trigger pull mechanics and follow through, and also how to figure out scope dope. (It has taken me two months to review and absorb all of the magnificent information given during the two days of the class.)

The first time I hit the 1,000 yard, 18x24 target, I thought it was great. Then, hitting the target for a second time, and a third and fourth and fifth time, sent my spirit, mind and being into the stratosphere. I learned how to work my 308, model 700!!! A dream come true. The lodging was wonderful. The chef's meals were always great.

Thank you to all involved at SOTG that made this possible.

Jeromi Rogers

Verified Graduate

Back to the Basics and More!

This class was more then I expected. I just purchased my first rifle last year and hadn't used a rifle since my time in the Marine Corps which was 10 years ago. I still remember some knowledge I learned in the Corps but knew that I had forgot a lot. I had not used my rifle for more then within 50 yards, and had not really had the chance to really learn my equipment like i should.

Coming to this class changed all of that. I was able to remember some of the thing's that I had been taught before like BRASS-F and Dope.

The one big thing I took from this class was being able to just adjust my Dope and hold over for wind rather than adjust my scope for wind as well. Being able to transition to targets in a fast manner was so much easier by simply adjusting my Dope. I was able to reach out to 800 yards with my ADM Rifle with my Strike Force 1/6 scope and reached out to 1,000 yards with a fellow classmates rife, which was way easier to do when the Dope was already adjusted on their rifle.

Honestly though with all that knowledge learned the biggest thing I took out of the whole class was learning more about myself and finding myself more. It gave me time to relax and learn with like minded individuals, and it was spiritually opening being out in God's Country with such folks.

I think everyone will take different thing's from such a class but one thing is certain. Get out there and train and take a class with SOTG!

Chris Doug

Verified Graduate

A Fundamentals Class That Everyone Should Take

This class along with "Beyond the Band-Aid" should be considered a primary classes that everyone should take. In reality A large majority of us who follow "student of the gun" live in an environment where we don't get the chance to get to a range that has targets further than 100 yards. This class starts at the basics at 100 yards and refines your skills up to 500 yards and beyond. While using an AR platform with 5.56, I was able to engage the 300 and 400 yard targets with consistency and minimal thought. This class teaches you the actual ability needed use your rifle to its full potential at range. Shot placement is still number one rule.

Prof. Paul is an excellent instructor who shows through his instruction that he has a lifetime of experience to share.

Needless to say the cadre and the lodge or superb. I have been to other classes where lodging was included and this was the best. The meals were incredible and were actually cooked by a real chef. There was plenty of food to eat. The rooms were clean and spacious. Everybody in the Town of Saratoga was very friendly and I felt very much at home.

On top of the instruction I was able to test my gear and my choice of rifle accessories to see what works and what doesn't in real world activities.

During the weekend I was able to meet like minded individuals and build new and lasting friendships.
I was extremely pleased with this class and plan on returning as soon as possible for further instruction.

You'll Learn:

Your instructors have a lifetime of knowledge and experience and is excited to share it with you!


The Core Fundamentals of Marksmanship

We will lay the foundation upon which to build our long range shooting platform. Without a solid fundamental foundation, high-powered scopes and match grade ammunition are a waste of money.

Some of the fundamentals include; sight alignment and sight picture, natural point of aim, bone support, stock weld, trigger press, trigger reset, follow-through, breath control, and more.

These are time honored and proven fundamentals used to train the finest marksmen in the world.


Running the Gun: Manipulating the Rifle from Any Position to Get Back on Target

The rifle is a tool, you are the operating system. During our High Elevation Precision Rifle course you will learn to, and then practice, running your rifle so that it will become a tool over which you have command.

Our training program is designed to give you the opportunity to master your rifle under all circumstances, not just the static position of a range bench. Every rifleman's goal should be to take their rifle to the field and place shots on target, on demand, regardless of the shooting position.

Mastery of the rifle also allows you to engage multiple targets in rapid succession. In this class, you will practice this very thing on targets near and far.


Mastering 4 Foundational Shooting Positions

We shoot from the stability of a range bench in order to test and evaluate the performance of the rifle, ammunition, and the optic. We also use the bench rest to verify that our optic is indeed zeroed with the ammo we have chosen.

There are no range benches out in the field. In order to be a well-rounded and proficient marksman, you must learn to master the four fundamental shooting positions; prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing. All of these will be explained, demonstrated, and practiced.


Calling the Shot: Intimate Familiarity with the Rifle, Ammunition, Optic, and Your Capability

During this course, you will have a unique opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with and have a deep understanding of the capabilities and possible limitations of your chosen optic and ammunition, as well as the viability of any aftermarket accessories or add-ons to your rifle.

By the end of the course of training, you will have such a profound understanding of your skill and gear that you will be able to accurately call your shots as well as learn to make corrections and adjustments when needed, without the need of a coach.


Consistency: How Can We Become a Shooting Machine?

Because of the exclusive nature of this course, with only ten students maximum per session, you will have the chance to put more rounds, effectively and purposefully, on target than during an average rifle course.


Learning the Wind: Knowing the Effects of Wind on Long Distance Shooting

Every experienced rifleman understands that the wind has no mercy. Regardless of the weight of the bullet or how fast it is moving, the effects of gravity and wind are always present. To be a skilled marksman, you will need to understand much more than simple elevation adjustment, you must be able to read and "call" the wind.

The best way to learn to read and call the wind is to get out and actually do it. Our training facility offers a tremendous environment for you to learn to master the wind, even to distances as far as 1,000+ yards.


Camaraderie & LMIs

This High Elevation Precision Rifle course offers you a chance to engage targets at distances rarely available to people outside of the US Military. Combining this tremendous facility, which includes comfortable western lodging, home-cooked meals, and the chance to share the experience with others like yourself is truly a unique opportunity for any American looking to improve their skills with a rifle and expand their capabilities.


All Inclusive Training!

rifleman 101
Get the Rifleman 101 Downloadable movie Free

Rifleman 101 is the perfect downloadable movie for you to watch and enjoy. When you reserve your seat, you'll get immediate access to download or stream Rifleman 101. We recommend watching this before you show up to the live training class.

exclusive private group
Access to a Graduate-Only Private Group of LMIs

Keep up with the connections you make in class. We talk about how important it is to have like-minded individuals that you can communicate with so we built a secure, private forum for you to stay connected with your fellow graduates.

Precision rifle range book
Get a FREE copy of the best-selling book

The author has spent 30 years teaching and coaching shooters in rifle marksmanship. This book is designed to answer innumerable questions and to provide a solid foundation for any person seeking to become an expert marksman with a rifle.

About the Primary Instructor,
Professor Paul Markel

Paul G. Markel has worn many hats during his lifetime. He has been a U.S. Marine, Police Officer, Professional Bodyguard, and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor.

Mr. Markel has been writing professionally for law enforcement and firearms periodicals for more than two decades, with hundreds of articles in print and several #1 Amazon Bestselling books.

Paul is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows and subject matter expert in firearms training and use of force.

Mr. Markel has been teaching safe and effective firearms handling to students young and old for decades. He has worked actively with the 4-H Shooting Sports program.

Paul holds numerous instructor certifications in multiple disciplines and a Bachelor’s degree in conflict resolution; nonetheless, he is and will remain a dedicated Student of the Gun.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Darron Ritter

Verified Graduate

Perfect Application of Fundamentals With an Unmatched Social Experience

I'm not skilled in writing enthusiastic reviews so bare with me. The class started with a wonderful dinner that I can only describe as an extended family reunion, none of us really knew each other but there was this sense of belonging and family I find hard to describe. This was followed by wonderful fireside discussions into the late evening.

The class started after breakfast on Saturday morning with the all important safety briefing. Professor Paul seems to have the perfect balance of information and application of fundamentals without overwhelming new shooters or boring those of us with more experience. The facility's are fantastic for the shooting, eating and sleeping. I would highly recommend any class you have an opportunity to take and I'll be returning for more instruction in the future.

Thank you SOTG!

Kevin Hammond

Verified Graduate

Excellent - Truly the Spirit of the Rifleman

I attended the inaugural Precision Rifle: Spirit of the Rifleman course in Saratoga, WY the weekend of July 28, along with my wife and two daughters. As a summary, the entire experience was excellent. Lodging, food, fellowship, instruction, results; it was money well spent.

Prior to the course, my family had never shot past 100 yards on an outdoor range. After, they had all successfully hit out to 500 yards, were well versed in sighting in and managing their own DOPE. To see my wife striking 3 different targets in 7 seconds and my daughters’ new confidence and proficiency was worth every penny spent.

Paul has a great method of instruction – factual, direct and loaded with practical experience. I learned the use skeletal structure vs. muscles to achieve a natural point of aim, avoid fatigue and increase accuracy. I learned how to properly record and manage DOPE. I learned the importance of consistency, breathing.

The camaraderie with others at the lodge and on the range was incredibly. No big egos, no jerks – everyone from different walks of life, different experiences, different skill levels all coming together to learn and demonstrating patience and respect for everyone else in the class.

Finally, the range location, target distances and scenery is magnificent. Targets from 100 yards to 1 mile, terrain from flat rock to cactus covered uneven hillsides, there was plenty to challenge us and force us to grow.

Truly a first-rate experience that I look forward to repeating.

Lane Mortensen

Verified Graduate

World Class Training Experience

I try to attend at least one training class a year, and I'm so glad that I chose to attend the first SOTG Precision Rifle class offered in Wyoming. It was an absolutely beautiful setting. The range was ideal and gave me the first ever opportunity to shoot steel at 700 yards with my little .223.

Paul Markel is a world class firearms instructor, and he helped me become much more comfortable with my rifle. I learned to shoot from multiple real world positions instead of the silly shooting benches that you see at so many ranges. He helped me to dial in my equipment choices, and me to build a good foundation of skills that I can now build upon with practice.

Accommodations were excellent. The lodge that hosted us were very comfortable and the food was amazing. Not only was this this an incredible training experience, but the value that I received for what I paid was excellent. I highly recommend this excellent course. #StudentForLife

Course Enrollments close on August 2-4, 2024


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will make sure you have a great experience. If after the first day you do not feel like you're getting your money's worth, please let us know and we will make it right.

Don’t wait!

Look at what past students have to say about this course

Arturo Ceron

Verified Graduate

Best Precision Rifle Class I've Ever Taken

A great class on the theory and application of long range shooting fundamentals. In full disclosure, this is the ONLY precision rifle class I've taken ... so I have nothing to compare it against. Never the less, Prof. Paul is a top notch teacher. He broke down the "mystery" of long range shooting into easily digestible and applicable fundamentals.

No "voodoo" or "magic" here ... just real ballistic problem solving. Who knew, it's science! There are only two variables, the RIFLE and YOU. If you're not ringing steel at 500 yards guess what, it's not (99% of the time) the rifle.

I'm so glad I seized the opportunity to take this class. Not to mention spending the weekend with awesome like minded individuals. I now know what I didn't know, and what I need to practice. I would take this exact same class again!

Scott Chapman

Verified Graduate

Great Course, Amazing Instructor

Prior to taking this course the most exposure I had to long range rifle marksmanship was qualifying in the Army (out to 300m) and sighting in my hunting rifle at 100 yds. With such a lack of experience I thought for sure that I would be behind the curve to start out with but Professor Paul was an amazing instructor that got everyone from being challenged by the 300 yd target to hitting targets at 700 yds with regularity by the end of the first day.

By the end of the second day everyone that had a .308 was hitting the 1000 yd targets steadily and the two that had .223 ARs were hitting targets out to 700 and 800 yds with regularity.

What you can expect to learn from this course:
- How to check zero with your optic
- How to gain DOPE (Data On Personal Equipment) for your rifle/scope and how to utilize it to get consistent cold bore shots on target at varied ranges
- How the choice of round can affect your point of aim and point of impact
- You will be very intimate with all the equipment you brought (rifle, optics, magazines, rounds, packs/bloods etc.)
- How to shoot from different terrain and different shooting positions

Overall this is a great course for anyone to attend that wants to push themselves and their weapon to the max. I never thought that I would be hitting the 1000 yd target with my R-25 after just a weekend of instruction from Professor Paul and the rest of the Student of the Gun staff. The lodging and food was amazing as well!

This course is a must take. Period

Robert Rickey

Verified Graduate

Precision Rifle - From a Beginner's Perspective

Prior to attending the Precision Rifle: Spirit of the Rifleman class in Wyoming my longest rifle shot was 100 yards, indoors, from a bench rest. I didn't know how to use my rifle or my scope properly, only safely. After attending the class, anything inside 250 yards is simple and 250-400 seems relatively simple.

Spending time with LMI's and the Markel family was a definite highlight during the weekend.

I would highly recommend this course to riflemen and riflewomen from beginner and advanced. I believe everyone can learn valuable information from Professor Paul. We had a diverse class ranging from young ladies up to older gentlemen and everyone absorbed all the knowledge they were able.

I would recommend taking extensive notes and, especially when you’re on the range, listen to the instructor – LISTEN LOUDER!

Many thanks to the entire crew and to our celebrity chef! I will be back…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lodging included?

What dates is the training offered?

Is food included?

How many rounds of ammo should we bring?

Are there any discounts available?

Are rental rifles available?

How much is the training?

Can my family stay at the lodge?

How far can I shoot my rifle?

Can I come a few days early or stay a few days late?

A note from Professor Paul

Of all my activities with guns, engaging targets with a precision rifle is my favorite.

For thirty years I have been involved in passing along marksmanship training to others. I am grateful for the chance to pass on my knowledge and experience to you and I look forward to seeing you in my favorite place on Earth.

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