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High Elevation Precision Rifle 2024

Get out to Wyoming and learn from a 20+ year exerienced veteran


Be Ready for Training

You get the opportunity to digest the information before you attend Residency

Go at Your On Pace

Get into the Home Study and then go through it when you have time! No rush.

Learn from the Master

Bring questions about the Home Study portion to Residency

Keep the Knowledge Forever

Continue to access the Home Study portion even after attending Residencey

Graduate Testimonials

Terrific Course & Great Instructors!
Patriot Fire Team Training Camp

I enjoyed the experience overall and thought it was a well organized and robust event. I really appreciated that we were outdoors the entire time for our classroom and practical exercises.

I appreciated the knowledge and experience shared and the professionalism of instructors was reflected by their being mindfulness of medical and evac plans put together in the event it was needed and that they appointed a primary and secondary lead for medical.

John M.  - Jul 06, 2023

A great learning experience
201 High Elevation Precision Rifle Residency Training

I was the “newbie” going into this class. Everyone was very patient and guided me every step of the way. They not only taught me to do certain things certain ways, but explained why I was doing them as well.
Thinking back on how I achieved such an accomplishment I think on the expertise of the instructors and the way they taught me the basics and advance techniques to make me a much better, consistant, and very comfortable shooter. I can now hardly wait to get out and continue honing the skills I learned from this class.

Tommy Jobs  - Aug 09, 2022

Worth your time and every penny
Instructor Development Course

I’ve been shooting guns and obtaining training from both a military and civilian standpoint for the last 12 years. I’ve had many Firearms Instructors, both good and bad. I knew from experience exactly what type of Firearms Instructor I didn’t want to be. However, this class taught me exactly what kind of instructor I DO want to be.
This class was in depth, informative and exactly what any current or prospective Firearms Instructor needs to take things to the next level.

Karissa Holybee  - Oct 24, 2022


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